Downtown Minneapolis Speakeasy

The Curators of the Library Lounge

The Library Lounge Curators

cu·ra·tor /ˈkyo͝orˌādər,kyo͝oˈrādər,ˈkyo͝orədər/ noun

  1. a keeper or custodian of a library or other collection.

  2. a server of cocktails, food, and great times.


Nguyen, Pete

IG: @the.pete.nguyen

Ultra-passionate about guest service, delicious cocktails, and buying unnecessary gadgets for his condo. Ask him about his bidet.


Rodriguez, Makayla

IG: @mizzubutterfly

Corporate financial guru by day, bleu cheese wielding go-go dancer by night. Also runs a small zoo in her home.


Sachau, Megan

IG: @megsach

When she’s not slinging drinks with a huge smile on her face, you can find Megan fishing for muskies in a canoe or collecting animal pelts and rare trinkets in Red Dead Redemption.